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**Sports Veins Athlete Gallery – Frequently Asked Questions**

**1. What is Sports Veins Athlete Gallery?**
Sports Veins Athlete Gallery is an innovative platform that empowers athletes to create and sell personalized merchandise featuring their sports images. It provides athletes with their own landing page to showcase their products for direct purchase by fans and supporters.

**2. How does it work?**
Athletes sign up and upload their sports images, and our design team creates mock-ups for various products. These products are displayed on the athlete’s personalized page for purchase.

**3. What products are available?**
Athletes can choose from a variety of products, including metal prints, keychains, tumblers, steel cups, shirts, hoodies, blankets, and socks. Each athlete can select three products for their store.

**4. Are there any upfront costs or ongoing fees?**
No, there are no upfront costs or ongoing fees. Athletes only purchase the products they want to sell or keep.

**5. Can I add more products or images later?**
Yes, if a purchase is made within the 10-day free trial, the athlete’s page will be hosted for the entire season. This allows athletes to add more products, images, and designs.

**6. Is Sports Veins Athlete Gallery a fundraiser opportunity?**
Yes, teams can turn their page into a fundraiser if every member participates and meets a minimum requirement.

**7. What perks do promotional athletes receive?**
The first athlete uploaded from a team becomes the Promotional Athlete and receives a FREE Downloadable Edit. Promotional athletes may also be eligible for discounts and freebies by getting additional teammates to join.

**8. How are fundraising profits calculated?**
Athletes can earn up to $7 per product sold (for 200+ products), $5 per product sold (for 100 – 199 products), and $4 per product sold (for 30 – 99 products).

**9. How long does it take to receive the products?**
Our typical turnaround time is 7 to 14 business days.

**10. Can additional poses be added?**
Yes, additional poses are available at an additional fee.

**11. Are there costs for adding more products to the page?**
To add more products to an athlete’s page, there will be a cost for producing additional mock-ups.

**12. Is the platform available after the free trial?**
Yes, if a purchase is made within the 10-day free trial, the page will remain live for the entire season.

**13. How do I get started?**
To get started, have 2 or 3 athletes from your team sign up and share 1 or 2 sports images. It’s quick and easy to join!

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team. We’re here to help make your Athlete Gallery experience a success!